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Demographically, the region in which the Children’s Home is situated, has the advantage of having many institutions which care for children of all races.  Housing black children in the state run-facility in Sebokeng, left a group of white, black and coloured children from the other parts of the Vaal Triangle who are just as poor and just as destitute as the children in the state-run facility.  Catherine Robson cares for the last mentioned group of children.  We do not select children for admittance on the basis of race, but on the basis of need. Should the demography and needs change, we are prepared to care for children from all racial and religious backgrounds.  Children’s trauma are experienced equally, despite race or B-BEE codes.


The Advisory Board is  fully representative of race and demography.  Beneficiaries are consulted through house meetings. No discrimination on any of the prohibited grounds in the Constitution is tolerated.



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