Catherine Robson cares for 76 children, aged from 2 to 21.  The children are referred to us by court order.  All of them suffer from trauma in different degrees.  Some are mentally and psychologically challenged. The children are cared for in six houses, with houses for toddlers, boys and girls. Childcare workers on 24-hour duty are employed at the houses. The more severe the trauma the child suffered, the more behaviour problems occur.

Young people sometimes stay on beyond their eighteenth birthday to complete school and find employment.

Children from all races are cared for.

Catherine Robson have adequate housing and playground facilities.  Three meals a day are supplied 365 out of 365 days per year.
Alongside the residential program therapeutic, educational, early childhood development, recreational, religious, reintegration aftercare and other programmes are run by competent and professional staff. External therapists and volunteers provide much appreciated help.



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