TThe Children’s Home raises between 20% to 25% of its yearly budget of 3 million plus by itself.  To properly look after a child, we need the extra funds, as the state subsidy is not enough to provide all the needed services to our children.
Our core staff works very hard.  They still find time – often in their times off – to raise extra funds.
We have a wish list for fundraising:

  • A fundraiser who works for a part of the money raised
  • Volunteers to man points where we sell raffle tickets for various competitions or items we put up for a raffle
  • People who leave us a legacy in their will
  • Sponsoring a child with potential’s sporting activities
  • Sponsoring a child for extra lessons in school work, art, etc.
  • Many people to join or “Sponsor a Child” project  (see below)
  • Sponsors for a project to give school leavers training for an occupation or business
  • Sponsors for a transit house



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