The Catherine Robson Children’s Home is situated in the CBD of Vereeniging. The Home was established in 1960 to provide in the needs of destitute children who became stuck into a situation where external care was needed.  The Children’s Home started  small but soon expanded due to the huge need.

The children are cared for physically by providing food, clothes, residence and medical care. In contrast with most normal homes, emotional care is very important.  It is given at a high level by social workers, child care workers and other therapists, like psychologists, occupational and speech therapists, etc. Some have to attend reading and writing classes. The learning backlog most children experience before admittance is the reason much attention is given to study and homework.  Our aim is that those who can, obtain matric. The social, religious and recreational aspects also get attention.

Attention is given to good governance and accountability. Internal end external audits show that we spend our money wisely in the best interest of the children in our care.  We constantly raise awareness of the Children’s Home in the local media.  Donors and state subsidy play a huge part in the sustainability of the Children’s Home. In the end, it all boils down to the child having a place where he or she can feel safe and cared for in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.



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